Happy Friday from behind my Garden!

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Last night I spotted a deer from the kitchen window. I grabbed my camera and went outside to take a closer look. Once I got to the back fence I discovered that there were actually four black-tailed deer moving slowly through the forest. They were munching on the newly emerging grasses and tree shoots.

I love seeing the deer and all the other wild animals and birds coming through, but with deer in particular I am grateful that there is a tall fence between our garden and the woods. Deer will eat almost any plant, including entire rosebushes with thorns!!

Over the years, the local deer population seems to have declined. We see far fewer than in the past. Blacktail deer live all along the west coast, from California to Alaska in old-growth, dense forests and even green spaces in the suburbs.
Sometimes the deer meander through the neighborhood and bite off the tops of tulips. It took a while to solve this mystery when we first moved here. I thought that perhaps some neighborhood kids were playing pranks!

If the weather is decent I will do some yard work tomorrow.
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
Are you going to spend time in nature?

Happy Friday!


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20 thoughts on “Happy Friday from behind my Garden!”

  1. I love deer and was happy to see one often this spring, and now there are two together. They seem to be white-tailed though, very fluffy white bottoms flying past. They eat the peanuts and grains I put out for the others, and love sweet potatoes.

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  2. Are those recent photos? I saw some deer on 213 today on my way to Milwaukie. Never in my back yard. Wish I did though. I’d feed them if I knew what to grow for them. Nothing more beautiful than those deer.


  3. We have a little family of deer that lives in our neighborhood. I love to watch them, too; sweet, docile creatures with the most gorgeous eyes. Happy weekend!

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  4. christine says:

    Sweet gentle deer, I am glad of my fences….. I have been getting seeds started. Sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos and lots more. Some veggies too! Spring is finally here. Hope you are enjoying it.

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