Meditation in Moments … Down the dusty Alley

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California poppies down the alley
shouting at me loudly
“Don’t forget to visit your home away from home”

Sonoma County is, and always will be my home away from home.
Spotting these bright orange California poppies made me homesick,
and realized, that it’s about time to visit again!
Hopefully soon … very soon …

Do you have a home away from home?

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

18 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … Down the dusty Alley”

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    New Zealand will always be my home away from home, though I live in Australia and have done for decades. Your lovely photos are very bright and cheery.

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    • Both Australia and New Zealand are on our list of places to visit! Gardening in both those places would be interesting, and I’d love to see all those birds I saw in one of your posts! Thanks for stopping by Jane! 🙋

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    • Thank you so much Trudy! Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed and digital cameras make it so much easier and also a lot less expensive. Plus it gives you instant feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed these pictures! 😊


  2. Ali says:

    I’m not surprised you long for these. Californian poppies are just stunning. And in combination with bluebells… The Yorkshire Dales and The Lake District are my home-from-homes. I am from Yorkshire. The craggy landscape, rolling hills, dry-stone walls and the smell of sun-baked sheep poo is something I will always love.

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    • Your description of Yorkshire reminds me of the time I lived in Greece. Except for the weather and language spoken, I suppose. I’ll have to google it sometime as I’ve always loved geography!


  3. Z.D. McGee says:

    Ja! Pippity poppity zippy zoppity flippity floppity … bring on the eye popping poppies!

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    • Hey LuAnne! I’ve never been to Nashville but hear that it has quite the music scene! And having grown up in the same place, but meeting elsewhere just goes to show us how small the world really is! 😊

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