Happy Friday from the McLoughlin Promenade!

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Wednesday morning before my writing class, I took a walk along the McLoughlin Promenade in Oregon City. The sun was out,  song sparrows were singing high up in the trees, and then, there were the rhododendrons! Huge, gnarly old branches securely holding up so many blossoms than I couldn’t possibly count them all.

It was glorious!

The trail winds along tall bluffs on the southeast bank of the Willamette River. Down below you can see Old Town Oregon City and the now defunct Blue Heron paper mill. Partially hidden behind the closed mill is Willamette Falls, which is the largest waterfall by volume in the Pacific Northwest.

It wasn’t a very long hike, but it sure was wondrous to see all these gorgeous rhododendrons  in full bloom.

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Where are you hiking this weekend?
Happy Friday!

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20 thoughts on “Happy Friday from the McLoughlin Promenade!”

  1. What a gorgeous walk to take. A couple summers ago we paddled up to Willamette Falls, from below, with my sis and brother-in-law. I didn’t know it was the largest falls by volume in the PNW! Pretty impressive.

    Probably not much hiking this weekend, as we have a ton of yard/garden stuff to do. But you can bet I’ll be enjoying the sunshine!

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  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    What a beautiful walk on a glorious sunny day and the pink rhododendron has so many beautiful flowers.

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  3. I almost feel like I was there with all those great photos. I’m sorry I missed it. Maybe another time. Today has been perfect working weather. Maybe Sunday too. 😉 Getting there. Have a relaxing evening and a wonderfilled weekend.

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  4. Wow! We found a trail by the snake river near Idaho Falls. It felt like hiking in the mountains but the views were farms and the river and forest. I love outside!

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