Charles “Chuck” Clemans Sculpture Garden

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Just southeast of Portland, Oregon you’ll find the smallish town of Oregon City. The “upper” part of the city, is perched on an ancient basalt cliff and prone to landslides. This became obvious when I went on this delightful hike   where the path had steep drops in a number of places. Oregon City is an interesting place with many nice parks, a historic old town dotted with small antique shops, great restaurants and the beautiful McLoughlin Promenade, a walking path above the Willamette River. Take 7th Street and continue on down Molalla Avenue from here and you’ll end up on “top of the hill”, where the Clackamas Community College is located.

I love going for long exploration walks with my camera on this campus.
This sculpture garden is one of my favorite stops whenever I visit!

Take a seat and enjoy the fascinating variety of art in this Sculpture Garden 
tucked into a towering grove of majestic Douglas firs.

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Chuck Clemans was a true Pacific North-Westerner!
He loved the outdoors, art and was also an avid advocate for education on all levels.
Mr. Clemans died in 2011.

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13 thoughts on “Charles “Chuck” Clemans Sculpture Garden”

    • It’s not a famous garden and if it weren’t for my visits to the CCC campus I would probably never have heard of it either. It’s just a nice quiet spot to stop and enjoy something different. 🙋‍♀️

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  1. Well that is certainly unique Sabine … I like the sculptures that you showed us. And I am already missing the green landscape though our snow is fading fast.

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      • We have a sculpture garden in Michigan called The Frederick Meijer Gardens. Unfortunately, it’s not near me. The family that owns the Meijer grocery store chain has a huge area of property which has sculpture including a piece by the glass artist Chilhuly.

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      • I would love to do that Sabine. I wish I was more comfortable driving on the expressway. So many nice nature places and other places like these gardens are only accessible by using one expressway (the dreaded 696). I told myself if I had been smart, at the beginning of the pandemic, I could have driven when there were few drivers and saw some of the big Metroparks – oh well. One day I will try to get there … Frederick Meijer Gardens is 155 miles from where I live, so a 300 mile round trip.

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      • Start out with short trips on the dreaded hi-way, Linda! I remember the last time I had to drive in LA. I had two teenagers in the car and traffic like you wouldn’t believe. It was no fun at all. When I have to go somewhere with aggressive traffic I try to pick the least busy time and day of the week. That of course is easier once one retires. I’m sure you’ll have a chance some day.

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      • Yes, you are right Sabine. That is one approach. Now, I just take surface streets if possible when I want to explore the various parks. I was riding along on the freeway with a friend back in the 70s and she was merging and a semi-truck sped up and cut us off (on purpose). We went up the embankment and did not roll over but I thought we might. I was a passenger. From that point on, I avoid expressways – it the merging that is worrisome to me, especially where the speed limit is higher (on some expressways). Every time we went to visit my grandmother in Toronto, we were on the 401 expressway after crossing the border. It was not bad as it was about 200 miles of highway, lots of rural areas, but then about 10-12 miles from my grandmother’s house, I had to go on three expressways in a short amount of time, then it was always busy to get to her house as we went through a busy business district. I was a nervous wreck every time and they always had construction. Right now we have had about 30 freeway shootings in Detroit since mid-June. We had two this past Monday and another one Monday night. They are all random and no clue as to the shooter. They are overnight, always when it’s dark and I don’t go to Detroit but still scary. Downtown Detroit is 12 miles from my house.

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