Hummingbird Magic!

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A well deserved rest after a delicious snack!
This little guy was quite busy feeding on one of their favorite blossoms.
Crocosmia in any garden here will attract lots of hummers.
Be safe! Be happy!


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7 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. Well these pictures do make me happy Sabine. I am quite behind in Reader but this post, one of the first for me to view did brighten my day for sure. The whirring wings on this hummingbird and him darting in and out of the beautiful flowers sure makes for beautiful photos. I was thinking it was a Cardinal flower with the bright-red blooms. You sure have a beautiful garden … the purples and reds are stunning.

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    • Linda, you’re not the only on who’s behind in the reader! The hummers are back now that I put up the feeder and visit all day long. I have some cardinal flowers but haven’t had much luck with them growing well. Maybe I’ll move them to a different spot in the garden.

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      • I feel badly being behind … but as you say, I’m not the only one. You are lucky to see them this time of year due to your more temperate climate. At the Botanical Gardens, the volunteers had cardinal flowers growing as a vine in the Summer of 2019 when I was there. They had told me to hang out around them and I’d be sure to see hummingbirds. I did not see them – they slept in that morning I guess. But the volunteers said they would not plant them again as they grew out of control over the latticework of the Conservatory. I said the only plants I have that grow out of control is that annoying weed called “Purple Nightshade”. Sure enough, they did not the cardinal flowers this year.

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      • I sure wish that my cardinal flowers had gotten out of control. No such luck here! I do feel lucky having the hummers around right now. They do lift my spirit at always the right time. The feeder is right outside the kitchen window. The male has been there every morning when I make my coffee. Yesterday I also noticed a female. They dive-bombed me when I changed the feeder!

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      • Yes, especially now when Winter has so many gray days, even if you have warmer temps. Ours are long gone now and on “Birds and Blooms” on Facebook, they show the migration pattern for them leaving and also returning. I know ours return around Mother’s Day. I didn’t get the feeders until right after Memorial Day.

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