Hummingbird Magic!

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I LOVE hummingbirds!

Hummingbirds are just as curious about us humans as we humans are about them.
They are fiercely territorial and rarely sit still for any amount of time.
This year I spent a lot of time outside to watch them enjoy the flowers I planted.
It was a lighthearted and fun distraction from the chaotic world beyond our backyard oasis.

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16 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

    • I don’t know where you live, but seeing hummingbirds will require a trip to the Americas. They don’t live on any other continents. Hopefully you’ll get a chance some day to see them. It would be worth it!


  1. Sabine, these photos are National Geographic quality! Thank you so mush for brightening mine and everyone’s day! Awesome!

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  2. What a joy to see these tiny birds … you are lucky to see them all year around Sabine. You got such nice close-up! This was my first year with hummingbird feeders, but no reak flowers to entice them as they are silk. I only had one Ruby-throated female. That’s okay, as the anticipation of seeing her and watching her the few times we “connected” was well worth the expense and effort for those two feeders.

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    • I’ve never seen a ruby-throated hummer! We just get the Anna’s and the rufous ones. I have to confess that I just ordered a hummingbird feeder with a heater to keep the nectar liquid when it gets cold. 😉 Most of the hummers move farther south, but some stay. So I’m giving it a try.

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      • I never saw any males at my feeder Sabine – just the one female and the males have the bright red throat and females are a light green color with a white front … a little blah looking next to the males. In fact, a few times when I saw her buzzing around the feeder, she just kind of blended in with the background so I never saw her right away. I’ve seen the Anna’s in Wayne’s pictures. He has one Anna’s that monopolizes his feeder and Wayne has taken pictures of “Shorty” up close at the feeder. He stays the Winter. Brave little soul. I follow Birds and Blooms on Facebook and I have seen them mention the nectar warmer to keep it from freezing. I hope you get some shots of them. I took my hummingbird feeders in when we had a very cold week in mid-September. I had bought a smaller feeder on sale with a fairly large bottle (mine are shallow dishes) but it seemed even too cold for that feeder, so I’ll use it in the Spring. My neighbor had a small heated clay birdbath for Winter. It sat on her deck railing. She had birds using the bath – I didn’t see them but it was cold in the morning when I was out – they liked it in the afternoon when the sun came out.

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      • Perhaps you’ll get some males next year! I’ve seen pictures of them and they do look gorgeous. I’m curious to see how the feeder heater works. I hung up the feeder alone yesterday as it isn’t freezing yet. But I’ll have to move it near an outlet once it gets the warmer attached. The birds really love the heated bath in the winter. One will be splashing while others wait their turn nearby. Even the squirrels and chipmunks come up on the deck for a drink!

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      • I liked watching my neighbor’s bath. She wasn’t able to get out to fill it in the Winter with her COPD, so I took snow from her backyard and put it in the bath to let it melt for the birds (and probably the squirrels too). I think it is fun watching birds bathe – they get such pleasure, whether it’s the lawn sprinkler, a puddle on the street or a regular bird bath. I do hope I can get another hummingbird or two to the feeder, especially a brightly-color male.


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