Happy Friday from the College Annual Plant Sale!

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Every year, on the Friday before Mother’s Day, the horticultural department of our local community college holds a plant sale. Everything sold at this event was grown by students in the program.

Great info on gardening

Plant Holding Area

Early peek at the herb table

I first learned of this sale when one of my sons, who took classes there noticed a flier on campus. He came home one day and casually mentioned, “Mom, there is a plant sale at the college on Friday and I think you’d like it”. That was 12 years ago!
I’ve been coming ever since.

The quality of the plants has varied over the years, but very affordable prices for heirloom flower and vegetable plants, plus shrubs, herbs, succulents and spectacular fuchsia hanging baskets always kept people coming back.

This year however, the most of the plants that I saw, were of nursery-like quality!

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Over the years I’ve learned that it’s good to get there early to be near the front of the line. True especially if you are looking for specific things. Mine was the African blue basil they always sold, and for the first time ever, they had none! Zero!
I was really disappointed because I’ve never seen it anywhere else. But despite that, I came home very happy with a great assortment of plants and great memories of fascinating conversations while standing in line for 1 1/2 hours with many kindred gardening spirits. That was fun!

I hope your Friday was good too!
Have a fun weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Happy Friday from the College Annual Plant Sale!”

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I’m envious of those Fuchsia baskets and that’s a lovely haul of very healthy plants you have there.


  2. Wow! They had a lot there and it would have been hard not to take a whole lot home. It’s just the standing in line thing that would get me. Can’t do it for very long. Sorry you didn’t find the one thing you wanted. Hope you have a wonderfilled weekend. I’ll be thinking of you.

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  3. Oh my goodness! What a great way to spend a Saturday. I planted part of my vegetable garden today, did more clean-up and planted a small rock garden with succulents. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    • There is nothing better than homegrown veggies! I am going smaller this year with the vegetable garden because some of the raised beds are coming out. They’re decaying! A rock garden sounds cool. There were lots of really interesting succulents at the sale. Happy Mother’s Day to you too Missy! 💐

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    • Yes, those fuchsia baskets are incredible! I don’t buy the hanging baskets anymore because I tend to forget to water them. I planted hardy fuchsias instead. They go into the ground and can survive our snow and ice and are therefore easier to keep alive. Plus the baskets are annuals which I try to avoid. Flowers that come back year after year are much simpler to keep alive! Happy Mother’s Day Arlene! 🌻

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      • I keep perennial plants as much as possible. They don’t much care, just water them and presto, they bloom all year long. Do fuchsias love the sun?

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