Up Close & Personal … One not so Elusive Dragonfly

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We’ve lived in this house for 13 years now and I don’t remember ever seeing this many dragonflies in our yard. Despite not having a pond or water feature, I see them zooming through our yard all day long. This is the third species I recently noticed hanging around, and I was very happy it tolerated me and my camera. The dragonfly in these photos sat perched on my Korean lilac for about twenty minutes. I watched as it prey on unsuspecting insects flying by. Suddenly, it would jet through the air, make a u-turn and land in exactly the same spot where it had been perched before.

There is nothing clumsy about these winged beasts!

This really was a dragonfly week here!
What kinds of critters come flying through your garden right now?

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18 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … One not so Elusive Dragonfly”

  1. They have the face of a pug. 😉 Those are some incredible shots!!! It’s 3:56 and I’m dressed with coffee. Heading out at 4:30 so decided to pop in before we leave. Sis is first up today so we get it over early. 😉 It will be cooler today so maybe you will get more amazing shots of the creatures that inhabit your place. Hugs, M

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    • Wow! That’s really early Marlene! I hadn’t thought pug on the face, but bulldog came to mind. I will have to wait until the afternoon to go outside today since I’m taking my car in for maintenance. I hope all goes well with you this week! 🙋

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  2. Amazing! I really like the one where he’s looking directly at you. “Here’s looking st you, Sabine,” he’d say. 😊

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  3. Ali says:

    These photos are AMAZING!!!! It’s little face reminds me of both a monkey and ET! ❤️❤️❤️

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