Up Close & Personal … The Whitetail Dragonfly

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This whitetail skimmer, or dragonfly, made an appearance in my garden about ten days ago. I was relaxing in the shade that afternoon when I suddenly noticed something moving and squirming clear across the yard. With camera in hand I slowly approached the spot of movement. Imagine my surprise when I caught sight of this magnificent dragonfly.

After a few minutes, the dragonfly took off and flew over to where the alstroemeria are blooming.

I had just taken a few more pictures when without warning it took wing, and landed on a skinny, bare branch up in the camellia bush. Gripping tightly to the bare stick, it stayed perched  moving only its head and eyes as if it didn’t want to tip off the insects it was praying on.


Every so often, it would fly up into the air, snatch a tiny bug, then return and land gracefully back on the branch.
Dragonflies are such fascinating creatures!

Are you going to explore in nature this weekend?

Happy Friday!

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16 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Whitetail Dragonfly”

  1. Ali says:

    Oh my goodness, the dragonfly and your photography are incredible. I love his face, and the pattern on the wings.

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  2. Magnificent creatures and your captures, amazing, too. Over the last few days, it’s been a butterfly visitation in my yard. So nice to watch their graceful flight. Have a great weekend, Sabine, and stay cool!

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      • Both! I’ve gotten really good at getting close. I hold the camera in front of my face and that seems to make me look not human! For some of the photos I used my macro lens. You have to get fairly close but the clarity makes going really slowly so worth it!

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  3. Those are INCREDIBLE photos!!!! It’s like they blend in with the branch and sneak up on their prey. I just got up again. Rough night but looking outside is just heavenly. The butterflies are everywhere like never before. Resting in my butterfly bush and flying everywhere. Did see more dragonflies then ever this year but not fast enough to photograph like you have. You really are good at that.

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    • Thank you Marlene! The dragonflies (mostly the red one from the first post) are hanging out every day now. I’m finding myself getting distracted every time I’m near the window! 😂 Always “somebody” calling out to me!
      I’m glad I’m quick on my feet (German lead foot I think) to dash out and around the yard. I hope to see your garden again too! You’ve created such a beautiful oasis!

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