A Stroll through Old Town Olympia

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We’ve visited Olympia several times. The people are friendly, the city easy to navigate, and if you stay in, or near Old Town, everything is within easy walking distance.

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Some of our favorite things to there are looking at the many incredible murals, grab a cafe mocha at Batdorf & Bronson and sit on one of these inviting benches to people watch, perhaps check out a local book store, and stop for a glass of wine and listen to a local band at Tipsy after dinner.

Olympia is only a two hour car ride from Portland.
Perfect for a quick getaway!

Do you have a favorite getaway near your home?

Leisurely walk along Capitol Lake in Downtown Olympia.

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16 thoughts on “A Stroll through Old Town Olympia”

  1. Well, funny you should ask! Now that we don’t live in Portland, it’s one of the places we like to sneak away to. There’s no shortage of fun areas to explore, even in your own town. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  2. What a great tour you gave us Sabine – I feel like I visited Olympia and took it all in with my own eyes – those murals were so interesting!


  3. Wow! I love all the painted buildings. Portland is too hard for me to navigate on my own and not particularly walkable. People do it but there are all the fumes from vehicles. Are those whales there? I can’t tell. I’d like a more walkable neighborhood but they just aren’t there anymore. It looks like a very pretty city. The statue of the kissing couple is cute.

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    • Marlene, these are just a few of those buildings! The whales were part of a mural. The town is walkable, and actually not very big. There also isn’t that much traffic unless you get on I-5, which is easily done. I really like it there. And I think you’d like it too! I avoid downtown PDX for the same reasons.

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