Think! Before you Drink!

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On this rainy stormy all hallow’s night
the upcoming election gives me great fright

this toxic bubbling witches brew
it’s a really nasty hate-filled swampy stew

Let’s flush the hate and vitriol down
before our cherished democracy completely drowns

Simply worded, I’ll say it out loud
to anyone listening in this crowd:

Be smart and have a heart:

Before you Drink!
Before you Vote!

Happy Halloween!

If you are unfamiliar with where “drinking the Kool Aid” originated,
I highly recommend looking it up!
We don’t always realize how serious things are until it is too late!

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15 thoughts on “Think! Before you Drink!”

  1. Z.D. McGee says:

    Hopefully this election, we get a treat without any tricks! In the meanwhile, good reminder to engage our critical thinking capacity!

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