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Pineapple Express
recycled sky-cloud river
rushing back to sea.

If you live along the Pacific Ocean along the West-coast of the US, you are probably familiar with the term “Pineapple Express”.  This tropical atmospheric river originates in the Hawaiian Islands where it gathers massive amounts of moisture. It then drifts across the Pacific Ocean and finally deluges us with torrential amounts of rain in a short time. The ground gets soaked, rivers overflow and many low-lying areas flood. Oftentimes these storms leave behind quite a bit of destruction.

These photos were taken in the coastal range somewhere between Cannon Beach and Portland on our way home from a weekend at the beach. I loved watching this normally tranquil stream roaring through a stand of birch trees.

Have a Zen Sunday!

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11 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … All Aboard!”

  1. I opened this page and then had to go rest and when I came back it wouldn’t let me find it again. But I’m tenacious. Interesting visual of the ocean. It looks like this day feels. a lot of grays. Have a zen Sunday too.

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    • Not sure what happened but I couldn’t find this post either after clicking “publish”. The photos are actually of a small river in the coastal foothills, from where the rain is headed back out to sea! I’m excited about the possibility for snow this week! ☃️ Happy Sunday Marlene!

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      • I did eventually find it but there seems to be a broken link somewhere. Maybe repost it. Snow and ice are not my friend. Heather may be home all week if that’s the case. 7th street is very steep.

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      • I’ll check tomorrow on that. Driving in snow I don’t like either, but just enough snow for a hike up on the mountain, then it can melt! 😉 But hopefully it won’t be a problem for those who have to go out.

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  2. Yep, it did something funky for me too, but when I went to your page I could access it. Anyway, cool picture of the rushing water. We’re currently being blanketed in snow with very cold temps. It’s currently 21 and supposed to drop to 16. I could use a pineapple right now 😬

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