Up Close & Personal … Painting with Sunlight

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Rainbow planet wearing a belt?

Potholders created from worsted felt?

Gutter ball rolling down the lane?

Colorful art work ready for a frame?

Bright yellow, green, purple and blue

What are you looking at? Do you have a clue?

At the bottom of the post I’ll have an answer just for you!

When I got out of my car this morning in a parking lot, I noticed some spilled gasoline on the ground. It was snowing lightly and the gas puddle shimmered in the morning light. I pulled out my iPhone and spent a few minutes experimenting with the fisheye app. The bottom photo shows almost the entire spill viewed through the fisheye lens. The white stripes are the painted lines marking the parking spots. When I returned to my car a short while later, the entire puddle had been washed away by what was now a snow and rain mixture.

Tell me, what did you think you were looking at?

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30 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Painting with Sunlight”

  1. You do have fun with that app. 🙂 I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of light on water drops but spilled gas over oil on the ground is quite the colorful subject. Fun and pretty for cards.

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  2. Just amazing Sabine. The first few photos with the spheres reminded me of the solar system at a glance. I did not know. I remember seeing a big terrarium in a triangular glass planter at my dentist’s waiting room when he opened a new office. It had layered black sand with colorful designs in southwestern colors in it that you could see through the glass. That’s what I thought it might be, though the spheres did not figure in somehow. You are handy with your phone, the fisheye lens and the macro lens.

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      • They were great shots and had me curious – that’s for sure. My friend bought a DSLR camera the same time I got mine, and she is more inclined to use her smartphone, just as I use my digital compact. They now have a Canon digital compact with 40X zoom. I think if it had been around this time last year, I might now have gotten it instead. It was a beautiful planter Sabine – filled with greenery and was a centerpiece of their waiting room. I don’t recall seeing it the last few times – I wonder if it got too overgrown – hopefully they will replant it, as the sand designs were truly a work of art. I’ve seen southwestern-inspired sand art for succulents. Here is a sample of how to create the layered gardens: https://averageinspired.com/2017/02/rainbow-sand-art-terrariums.html

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      • Wow! Those planters look cool! As to your camera, I think the best one is the one you use. And like to use. Come spring you should go out with your DSLR and play around. You’ll probably have a lot of fun!

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      • I thought they were cool too Sabine. You have stated it simply – the camera you use and reach for is the best one. I watched that series of videos a week ago Saturday. My intention was to watch them Saturday, then take out the camera the next day and re-watch the videos and implement what I saw. The videos were good, but not comprehensive enough, so I will need to study the manual and use the camera. I am looking forward to learning how to use it and getting out – I am longing for nice weather to do that. Right now we have severe wind advisories up with 45 mph winds coming in overnight and the temperature dropping 30 degrees. The weather is erratic these days. Hope your snow has all melted.

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      • Linda, that sounds like a good plan! There is still a little snow in the yard but the streets are clear. There is however a huge snow storm on the way! We could get a foot of snow here. I went to the store and stocked up a little in case we get stuck on our hill. It will be interesting! 😉

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      • Stay safe in that snow Sabine. You sound like you are ready to hunker down for a while. I heard about Seattle’s snow this morning and wondered if you would be affected as well – I guess so! Interestingly, when you had that post in the forest a week or so ago and I was lamenting our weather versus your beautiful weather, you reminded me that we have beautiful places here in Michigan. Now you will have snow akin to Michigan weather. I see you clicking away at those snowflakes with your macro lens or your phone. I did a post last year and included a photo from the photographer I sometimes use … Jill is a local photographer and former TV reporter. She had hip surgery in December 2017 and had a new phone and her husband bought her a macro lens so since she was housebound for so long, she practiced with that new lens a lot. I follow Jill’s blog and also follow her on Facebook. She was practicing taking snowflakes that landed on her grill. I know you will be including some photos like this first picture in this post:

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      • Thanks Sabine – I wanted you to see Jill’s snowflakes … so delicate and perfect. Well, stay safe and it will make some beautiful pictures from the inside looking out and help to keep that cabin fever at bay.

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      • Yes it will and even though I’m not a fan of snow, when you have a big snowfall like you’re getting, it masks all the noise in the neighborhood. I have gone out early in the morning following a snow and it is very peaceful to be outside without the street noise.

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      • Sounds good Sabine! My friend and her husband are planning a trip to Iceland as soon as she finishes grad school (maybe this year, depending on how long her internship takes). She started grad school at age 61 and will graduate at age 63. She and her husband really don’t travel, but she did as a kid as her dad was in the military. They have set their sights on Iceland for its beauty.

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  3. Who knew gas could be so cool! My first thoughts were that you were looking through a telescope at one of the planets. Nice beauty found in a spill.

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