Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Feelings of Spring

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With spring’s arrival
nourishing blossoms unfurl
hummingbird returns.

For his weeks Friendly Friday theme Amanda  from Something to Ponder About chose Feelings of Spring for the theme. Go and visit her blog to check out the beautiful sunflowers in her post from down under, where autumn is beginning. In her post you can also find instructions on how to participate in this weekly friendly challenge. Be sure to not miss the links in her comment section to other blogger’s interpretations of the spring theme.

Winter is finally over and lifting my spirits!
Happy Spring!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

29 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … Feelings of Spring”

    • Yes Amanda, this is my garden. It was so nice to have some nice sunrises where it wasn’t too cold to sit outside early. That’s when I spotted the hummingbird and knew spring had arrived! 😊


      • So the hummingbird’s arrival is a sign of Spring? Who needs a calendar then? I l love your cammellias but capturing the hummingbird like that was so well photographed.

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      • Since I don’t put out a hummingbird feeder, they rarely visit my garden in the winter. Some neighbors put out nectar for them and feed the ones that don’t migrate. So when the flowers start to bloom in early spring, they come through every day. Sometimes getting the right photos is just an exercise in patience! 😉 No hummers in Australia, right?

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      • I think we might have one or two, but they are quite rare, so I am a little fascinated with them. We have many other nectar feeders, including the brightly coloured Rainbow Lorikeets, Honeyeaters and Silvereyes. But they are all very Australian. I don’t think too many migrate here from the North.

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      • A blogger I follow has posted photos of some of those birds visiting her garden. The lorikeets are gorgeous! We don’t get those, although there is a flock of wild parrots in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


      • The Lorikeets are native to Australia, Sabine. We have an amazing array of birds here. Look up the Crimson Rosella or King Parrot or even the Major Mitchell Cockatoo on Google. I used to have a Galah and Sulphur Crested Cockatoo as a pet. Wonderful birds. In that respect, our country is really blessed. All their plumage is spectacular.


      • The Rainbow Lorikeets are very spectacular. Australia has so many bird species. I think it might even rival the Amazon, Sabine. Look up Crimson Rosella, King Parrot, Galah and even Major Mitchell Cockatoo on Google. Their plumage is beautiful. I used to have a pet Galah and Sulphur crested Cockatoo. Both learned to talk. They are very cheeky birds. Maybe I will post about them. Thanks for inspiring me. Have you had pet birds?


  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I love to see the hummingbird photos. I think you’ve done so well to capture them as I imagine it wouldn’t be easy. The closest bird to a humming bird is the Eastern Spinebill which visits my garden from tine to time. It has the ability to hover whilst collecting nectar, but doesn’t do it for long. The photo of the drops on the camellia is also rather special.

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    • Thank you, Jane! They do move quickly and can be difficult to get into focus. This was the first time in 14 years where I saw a hummingbird feed on the camellia. I’ll google the Eastern Spinebill! Another blogger from down under mentioned it. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jane! 🙋

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  2. Hey Sabine! You captured the feelings perfectly. I especially like the photo where the hummer is eating and his wings are blurred! Happy springtime!


    • Thank you, Marlene, for your kind words! It’s patience, but also a great deal of luck and being in the right place with my camera. The hummers are so quick and I have to take many many shots for a few good ones. I’m just glad it’s all digital now instead of having to buy film and then print photos! 😉 I hope you’re having a good time!

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  3. WOW. Beautiful photos. It is difficult to say which one is my favorite.
    I love the last one with due drops. But the humming birds. Then the fish eye.
    All beautiful.

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