Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … A Walk in Christine’s Garden

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Come along and take a walk with me through my friend Christine’s flower garden! When I visited her last summer, I not only got to see all the different flowers she was growing, but I also got to meet her new pets, a black duck and a few geese. One of the geese is tame and loves to eat the fresh grape leaves right out of Christine’s hand.

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge prompt this week is Photo Walk. Snow from the The Snow Melts Somewhere blog is hosting this week’s edition. I hope that you take a minute or two and check out her post right here! In the comment section you’ll also find links to other blogger’s interpretation of a Photo Walk! If you would like to participate, you’ll find the details at the bottom of her post. I’ve been a fan of her blog for many years and still enjoy every one of her posts.

I hope you enjoyed our walk through Christine’s Garden!

“Kiss me over the Garden Gate”

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26 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge … A Walk in Christine’s Garden”

    • Yes! I have watched this garden from the planning stage many, many years ago to its present incarnation. What makes it special is the couple who put their hearts and souls and time into creating this peaceful homestead. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness, Sabine! What a breath of fresh air on this very wet Sunday afternoon. I think I might need an ark this week! Thanks for sharing and stay dry.

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  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The closeup photos you’ve taken of the flowers are really stunning, Sabine. I especially like the pink flower with the yellow anthers- is it a Gaillardia, I wonder?

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  3. Z.D. McGee says:

    What a beautiful collections of images! How did you get the duck and geese to pose like that? Merveilleux!

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  4. Such a lovely garden!! I wish I had a similar one! Excellent choice for a little stroll with your camera 😊 (Also love the quote at the end – where is it from? It sounds like the middle of a story!) Thanks for the kind introduction, too – I’m a big fan of your blog and your photography! 🌼

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    • The quote is right from the seed packet, Snow! “Kiss me over the Garden Gate” is the name of the plant. It grows tall and gangly, and always leans over whatever it grows close to. I had these in my garden in California, but they don’t do as well here in Oregon. It’s too cold and wet. So now I enjoy them in my friend’s garden when ever get get down there. Thanks for visiting! 🙋

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    • It’s the way my garden would look if I had more space! The greenhouse they built themselves! I’m sorry about your aunt. Asbestos is bad news when you get exposed!


  5. I did enjoy the walk in Christine’s garden! Great photos, Sabine. One of my favorites was of a red flower with yellow in the center. I am not familiar with that flower but it is most beautiful.

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  6. Christine says:

    Yes! the red flower is a simple Zinnia. My Flowers look so much more exotic in your pictures Sabine. Thanks for Sharing.

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  8. One glance tells me how much work went into this garden – wow! I could not pick a favorite flower, as they are all gorgeous, but that black duck and goose are very nice as well. I love the close-up of the duck and the goose eating leaves out of Christine’s hand.

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