Happy Friday from Christine’s Flower Garden!

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Another one of my favorite things “to do” when I visit friends in Northern California is getting a tour of Christine’s flower garden by Christine herself. We’ve been friends for nearly three decades, and despite not getting to see her very often, our friendship has continued to evolve and grow, just like her beautiful garden. I remember when long ago, she and her husband started this homestead. Every year when I return I am amazed at all the hard work they have, and continue to put into this special spot on this earth. During the “garden tour”, and it is a very big garden Christine shows me around, answers all my questions and we discuss trials and tribulations and triumphs that anyone with a garden experiences. This visit, unlike the one last year, happened during late spring. It was too early for some plants to be blooming, but I got to see spring blossoms that aren’t around in August and September instead. If you want to see her garden in August, check it out in this previous post of mine.

California Poppies

Blossoms of a pineapple guava tree

Kiwi Blossoms

Tiny Kiwi fruit growing

Christine’s Flower Garden & Greenhouse

Have a wonderful weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Friday from Christine’s Flower Garden!”

  1. She has quite the green thumb. Almost looks like an English garden of wildflowers. Love the greenhouse. Spring or early summer are the best time to go down there. I’d be in awe of it as well. But yours looks wonderful too.

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  2. Christine’s garden looks like a true labor of love! The California poppies are one of my favorites. We had tons of them at our house in Eugene. I think I can probably get them to grow over here! Hmmm, better put it on the list! I hope you had a nice 4th of July. Happy weekend, Sabine.

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      • We did have a nice 4th. We went to our kids’ house to bbq and watch fireworks. They have the perfect viewing spot 😍

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  3. The Spring garden is just as beautiful as the Summer garden so no wonder you were clicking away with your camera Sabine. I am happy to see your friend Christine is from Northern California so safe from those recent earthquakes.

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    • Yes, I’m glad about the distance from the earthquake for my friends. Though as we all know, every place along the West-coast is at risk. We’re part of the Pacific Ring of Fire! I did appreciate getting a chance to see the pineapple guava in bloom!

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      • Well I will “like” Christine’s Flower Garden, but not the fact that you could be at risk by virtue of being a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. I hope you and your friend stay safe in the aftermath of these two back-to-back earthquakes.

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  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    What a beautiful tour you had. Although I am a Kiwi myself, I’ve never seen a kiwi flower up close. I like their flouncy stamens. Also the feijoa has a very pretty flower. I planted California poppies last year and I do hope I get a spread like Christine’s this year. I find it such a pleasure to go around a garden with someone who is really interested in gardening.

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    • You’re right Jane, a garden tour is most fun alongside another gardener! I love learning from other gardeners and their experiences in the garden. Seeing Christine’s thriving California poppy patches makes me think that I need to plant some again and hope they make it. I hope to see your poppies in one of your posts one day! 🙂

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