California Road Trip 2019 … The Laguna de Santa Rosa Revisited!

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Looking north towards the Mayacamas Mountains!

I last came here four years ago with my friend Christine.
This time, it was hot, dry and slightly breezy.

Last winter the area received record rains which created a lot of serious flooding.

The Meadow Lark Field

Pink grass!!! It looked more pink in person!

Wild plum tree bearing fruit

Just behind the fences and tree line are vineyards

“Dan (the) Quail’s” cousin in California!

Northern Mockingbird in flight

Coming in for a landing

I love mockingbirds!

By the time we got back to the parking lot,
this lone red-winged blackbird decided to put on a show for us!

If you’d like to check out my other hike along the Laguna click here


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16 thoughts on “California Road Trip 2019 … The Laguna de Santa Rosa Revisited!”

  1. You really capture the essence of that area. Very hot and dry. The wet year was a fluke, I think. It’s so good you can see all of that and capture it for the rest of us. If I was there, I still wouldn’t see what you see. Talk about opposites, CA is so hot and dry and OR is so wet and green. Loving our rain.

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  2. Beauty abounds in this post, as well as the other one you linked to Sabine. The Red-Winged Blackbird did put on a show for you. The bright blue sky is gorgeous here … all the color you’ve captured is awesome, as well as your former post with the wildflowers and pretty berries too.

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    • Hi Richard! I used to live near the Laguna as well, except that back then it wasn’t open to the public. It was still part of Kelly Farms. What a change to move from Sonoma County to Texas!! I still visit every year, but we won’t move back there either. The cost of housing and traffic are out of control. But it sure is a beautiful spot on this earth and I love the people there. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I shall make some time and check out yours! 🙂


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