Hummingbird Magic!

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This rufous hummingbird is usually keeps his distance when I’m in the garden.
All hummingbirds love salvia!
After the hummers battle each other in the air,
the winner always seems to return to the plant where the battle first began.

Charging me!
This is when I’m 
ecstatic about needing to wear glasses!
A couple of days ago he came within two to three inches of the Zendog’s face!

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24 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. WOW!!!! Those are incredible! They can be very aggressive. I tried to grow salvia last year and it didn’t survive in the lower terrace. Maybe next summer again. I’m getting more done outside and happy about it. I think the malaise has passed. Yay! Talk to yu soon.

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    • They sure can be aggressive! I had another encounter yesterday! Salvia can be slow to take. The blue one I’ve been pampering for several years and it’s just now starting to really grow and blossom. Good drainage always helps, as does plenty of direct sun. Glad you’re feeling better, Marlene! I’ll send you an email today.

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