Autumn Magic at the Oregon Garden, Part 2

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If you turn right outside the Visitors Center you’ll walk right into the Fuchsia Garden.
Dozens of enormous hardy fuchsias grow there on the hillsid . Some are 6 to 7 foot high.
Since we haven’t had any frost around the area fuchsias are still in full bloom.

The path down the hill meanders past these incredible blossoms and a butterfly bench. 

Sit down for a moment and look at those fuchsia blooms.

Looking back up towards the now hidden from view butterfly bench.
These fuchsias were unbelievable!

Quince tree in the Edible Garden

The Edible Garden viewed from the the butterfly bench

Strawberry Tree in the Edible Garden

A flowerbed in the Medicinal Garden

A flock of European starlings congregating in the tree tops

Grapes ready to be harvested in the Market Garden

A small orchard in the Market Garden area

Near the Market Garden grow grapes and hops on a very long, curved arbor.
There’s a bench underneath it where I sat and watched some tiny birds feast on the grapes.
Then I went off to check out …
… to be continued …

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13 thoughts on “Autumn Magic at the Oregon Garden, Part 2”

  1. Christine and Rosalie says:

    Rosalie and I are very impressed with these photos of the garden! The butterfly bench was so clever. Maybe we will visit someday! For now we will walk there in our dreams with you.

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  2. Everything looks so bright and alive – we are headed to the barren look soon and this is so refreshing. I like the group of Starlings – how they sparkle and the way you captured the snail and his shell was fabulous too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We had the second wettest September on record this year! While I wanted more sunshine I was also aware that we need rain. Lots of it. Many evergreen trees across the state are showing drought damage. Anyway, having gotten all this rain has made everything lush and green. I don’t care for starlings, but they do look sparkly in the sun and actually sang beautifully. And the snail, well it was just tucked into this grapevine. I’m not sure if anyone lives inside it though! 🙂

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      • I thought it might be an empty snail shell and I’m like you, starlings are not my favorite but they do gleam in the sunlight and do sing beautifully. We have lots in the neighborhood, the Park not so much. We had a lot of rain last night – it’s still dark out and I’m going to have to wait a little before venturing out … the roads are still quite wet..

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  3. We were just in Zion and the place we stayed had an arched entry. The people had hung bird feeders and so life was prolific. I’d guess there was a lot of activity under the trellis where you sat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zion sounds very nice, Missy! I haven’t been there yet, but every time I read about it or see pictures it makes me want to go. Some day! There were a few little birds on top of the trellis. I couldn’t see what they were but my guess would be kinglets. Did you see any special birds at the place in Zion?

      Liked by 1 person

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