Autumn Magic at the Oregon Garden, Part 3

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Every time I’m at the Oregon Garden I stop at this sign and then …

… head down this narrow path towards the Secret Garden …

… only to remember, when I come around the bend, that this is a dead end …

The view however is delightful!

Now we’re on the right path! 🙂

We’re at the gate!

Come inside this magical corner of the Oregon Garden. 

There are benches to sit on to enjoy the view and tranquility.

With all the rain we’ve had the ponds are full and the greenery’s lush.

This is one of my very favorite spots at the Oregon Garden to pause and clear my mind.

Here’s the famous blue door I couldn’t find on my first visit!
All the winding paths got me turned around! 😉

Looking back you can see a new Lending Library on the left
and flowering vines climbing up tall poles.

Stepping through this blue door …

… and into this brilliant autumn foliage …

… almost caused me to overlook this tiny damselfly in the middle of the path.
The shimmering wings in the bark mulch caught my eye though.
It sure blended into the background well!

One of the things I love about this botanical garden is the re-use of reclaimed water.
The Oregon Garden is one of a very small number of botanical gardens/parks
in the country that 
uses reclaimed wastewater in a water feature.

Walking through this Secret Garden always leaves me feeling like a whole new person.
There’s something about the sound of flowing water that’s calming.
Which garden within the garden to next?
To be continued …

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23 thoughts on “Autumn Magic at the Oregon Garden, Part 3”

    • Thanks so much, Tom! It’s a great place to visit. They have so many different gardens within the Garden and all the plants are identified with markers. I hope to go back this week if the weather cooperates. The leaves are not quite at peak!

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  1. I agree with how you feel after visiting this garden Sabine. I feel the tranquility and serenity just from viewing these exquisite photos. How beautiful a place this is … a real treasure.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m an east coast person who has only visited Oregon once. I will remember this wonderful enclave of gardens if I ever decide to burn enough fossil fuels to travel to the west coast. Thank you for giving all of us a virtual experience of “forest bathing” via your lovely photographs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Oregon Garden is just one of the many wondrous places up and down the West-coast! I haven’t been to the east-coast, except for Florida once. Nature is important to me and it gives me great joy to share my forest bathing experiences with other nature lovers. Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙋


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