Up Close & Personal … Red-breasted Sapsucker

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While stopping at my favorite lookout spot at the park Sunday I heard a noise.
Suddenly this gorgeous red-breasted sapsucker landed on the tree right in front of me.

Red-breasted sapsuckers live in forests along our entire west-coast.
They are robin-sized woodpeckers who nest in tree cavities.

Insects and tree sap are their favorite foods,
but they also visit bird feeders for seeds, nuts and suet.

This guy was hungry and meant business!

He hopped all around the tree trunk and did what he does best:
Drill holes and then feast on the sap!

Look at the sticky sap all over the bark.
He did his thing for several minutes and then took off.

A Sunday treat for both of us!
Tasty sap for him and some photographs for me!
Thank you for making my Sunday special Mr. Sapsucker!

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6 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Red-breasted Sapsucker”

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never seen one of these birds and would have have thought it was a male Red-bellied Woodpecker, except his head is a deeper red and the whole head is red. I am amazed at the amount of sticky sap running from the tree! I am sure that does the tree no favors … in fact, I am surprised sap runs out of a tree, except for maple trees at the proper time/season. Just amazing. This is definitely a right place-right time situation for both of you Sabine!

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