Up Close & Personal … The Bufflehead

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Buffleheads belong to the duck family.
They are commonly spotted in woodland lakes, ponds and in sheltered coastal areas.

 Male buffleheads are easily identified by their dark black heads
with large, white patches that reach from their eyes to the back of the crowns.

White wing bars on their otherwise black wings make it easy to identify them in flight
along with their black backs and white undersides.

Buffleheads are unique among the diving ducks as they can spring directly into flight.

This guy really made sure that he was looking his best …

… until … oops!
He lost his balance and fell off the log.

He quickly collected himself, went upright …

… shook his tail feathers and paddled back to his flock.

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17 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Bufflehead”

  1. They are curious looking, so distinctive. When we first moved to Bend we lived near a small lake that had a lot of waterfowl. Among those, were a few Buffleheads. I really enjoyed watching them. Thanks for sharing, Sabine.

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  2. This made me smile Sabine. The plumage makes it look like a cape streaming down its back – very unique looking. I had to laugh seeing him posing so nicely then falling off the log. You knew he was safe and had to hold back a snicker.

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      • I did and yes, it’s unusual for a duck to do that. They are pretty sure footed, even on the ice. Today there were about 30 ducks and a dozen Canada Geese in the Ecorse Creek at Council Point Park. It is still not all thawed out but they were making the most of the water to preen … they looked so cold standing on ice or splashing in the cold water.

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