Up Close & Personal … The Black-throated Gray Warbler

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Last summer I spotted a tiny gray bird sitting way up in a tree.
I tried to get closer but blackberry brambles along the trail made that impossible.

So I extended my telephoto lens instead and zoomed in on this little guy.

Turns out that the “little guy” was really a girl!

This bird is a female black-throated gray warbler!
This is the first time I’ve ever seen one.
Both, the male and female have black and white markings and pale yellow lore spots.
The males have dark black throats, whereas the females have mostly gray throats.

Black-throated gray warblers live in the western US and have a most beautiful song.

Hopefully these warblers will return this summer.
It would be a real treat to see a male as well.

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15 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Black-throated Gray Warbler”

  1. Very nice shots Sabine and I hopped on Cornell to check out its song … sweet and loud for such a small bird. Good luck with rounding up the male for photos this Summer.

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