Hummingbird Magic!

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Hummingbirds, just like butterflies, love Alstroemeria flowers!

When these flowers start to bloom, this invasive patch of blossoms gets quite busy.
My alstroemeria started out in a two inch pot and that has taken over a large flower bed.

In moments I wish I hadn’t planted them …

… but then the hummers visit and I am happy that I did.

Hummingbirds are just so much fun to watch!

Is she saying “thank you for planting these flowers”?

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22 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. Beautiful, Sabine! They are fascinating little birds to watch; they almost seem to defy gravity as they hover. Have a great weekend!

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  2. They love these tube-like blooms the Alstroemeria have …. amazing that you went from transplanting one potted plant to a field of them. I too would rejoice in this lovely hummingbird haven you have created Sabine.

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    • The alstroemerias might even grow in your climate, Linda! Iโ€™ve tried to get rid of them once by covering them with a double layer of heavy black plastic. They came back stronger than ever! Now I just try to contain them.

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      • I’ve seen them in bouquets of cut flowers at the grocery store and always thought they were fragile, so I was surprised when you said they grew so abundantly. Many years ago my neighbor planted Snow-in-the-Mountain in her yard and it crept over here – I cannot get rid of it as it’s in a lava rock garden. Before she moved in, the elderly lady had Lily of the Valley everywhere – it took me years to get rid of that which was invasive.

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      • I have some Lily-of-the-Valley in front of the house. I love it as it reminds me of my childhood and the fragrant blossoms are divine. The alstroemeria last as much as six weeks in a vase, but you have to cut of the bottom of the stems and strip off all but the top two or three leave rows. Also change the water regularly and they last nearly forever!

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      • Our original neighbor had a whole yard filled with roses. I did a post about her once … she and her husband were Hungarian and had moved here awhile before, they were excited to move into the house and he bought her one pink rosebush to mark the occasion. She grafted dozens of roses from that original rosebush and had pale pink roses all around the perimeter of her yard. She was still tending those blooms at age 90+. She was a widow for many years and finally couldn’t manage the house on her own and sold it. The yard was gorgeous – a new neighbor came in and cut down most of the roses to park his RV and boat in the yard. She liked Lily of the Valley all along our side. When my neighbor Marge moved in, she planted mint on our side … her husband drank iced tea. He died – the mint lives on. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I worked on site I used to buy myself a small bouquet of flowers for my desk at Krogers or sometimes downtown … sometimes it had Alstromeria in the bouquet. I had no idea they were that hardy though!!

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    • I watched an interesting clip on YouTube about hummers. According to it hummers have the largest brain (in comparison to body weight and size) of all birds! No wonder theyโ€™re so smart. I just love them and we suddenly are getting more every day now that the weather is improving.


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