Up Close & Personal … The Pineapple Lily

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Many, many years ago I bought a small package of pineapple lily bulbs at Fred Meyer.
They were half off, so I figured it was worth trying to grow them.
They’ve done quite well and bloom year after year.
They’ve even survived a few ice storms!

During the spring they first send up a rosette of swordlike leaves.
Soon after, the strong, tall, light green flower stalk emerges.
By summer the blossoms open from the bottom up.
A cut flower stalk in a vase can stay “fresh” for many weeks.

Ever since, I’ve passed bulbs along to friends since the bulbs multiply so easily .
These tropical looking beauties are native to South Africa.
They’re also related to asparagus!

The flowers have a somewhat “fake flower” look and feel to them.
They do feel like wax and don’t have any fragrance.
Most pollinators and hummingbirds in the garden don’t seem to like them.
They come in a few different colors and heights, are easy to grow
and don’t need any fussing over!
My kind of plant!


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16 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Pineapple Lily”

  1. They’re beautiful! I was at a local nursery a few days ago to purchase some indoor things. I was tempted to grab some flowers and vegetable sets, but it’s too cold. I keep telling myself, “just a few more weeks.” Have a great weekend, Sabine!

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    • I just took off the row cover on some lettuce, mustard greens and chard. They look ready to grow big and I’m surprised that they did so well with the ice storm. I have a few tomatoes in the window to plant outside in late April. The nursery is a place I want to visit too! But not until the new raised beds are ready and the chance of frost has passed. Happy weekend to you too, Missy! 🙂

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      • Yes, no nurturing! At Memorial Park which is just two blocks from me, they have a garden tended by a group of young gardeners called “The Green Team” and I was over there yesterday to see if anything was up yet. Last year I got some close-up shots of the Bleeding Hearts, something I could never grow as the rabbits ate them. Last year they planted Lantana and I don’t know the variety but it was bright orange and I got the pictures of the Monarch sitting on it. I will be going back throughout the Summer this year. I hope they plant the Lantana again. There were some Swallowtails there as well, but not as striking as the Monarchs. Thank you Sabine … I was “good” and worked in the house after returning from walking. I spent yesterday working on some photos and two blog posts, so made myself productive in other ways (for a change). 🙂

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  2. This is so interesting! I have never heard of this plant before. I bet it wouldn’t survive Michigan (it’s snowing today!) but it would be a welcome addition to our gardens. And any cousin of asparagus is always welcome in my home. 🙂

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