Up Close & Personal … The Female Black-Headed Grosbeak

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In my last post I highlighted the male black-headed grosbeak.
Here are some photographs of a female black-headed grosbeak.

Her overall appearance is much more plain than her male counterpart.

Her body is buff colored and her wings have white markings.

The white stripes on her head are tinged light yellow in spots.
She too has a massive bill with which she cracks open sunflower seeds.

Her beauty is much more settle, until she takes wing.
Upon take-off the pale yellow undersides of her wings are revealed.
We get several pairs of these grosbeaks at our feeders from early to late summer.

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8 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Female Black-Headed Grosbeak”

  1. That’s quite a large beak this species has. You are lucky to see both at the feeder. Interesting about the different colors under her wings … you see that in butterflies sometimes too.

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      • I had a couple of occasions when I saw butterflies in the woods and I only know a handful of butterflies by sight. So sometimes they have have their wings spread out and then they have them with their underside up and together … totally different patterns. I had a difficult time identifying them … one was purple on the bottom, blue spots on the top.

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