Happy Mother’s Day from my Garden!

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Happy Mother’s Day from my Garden!
What better place to be than outside on a lovely day.
The garden is starting to show its most beautiful side during this time of spring.

The heavenly fragrance of  lilac blossoms attracted the first western swallowtail of the season.
No dings, dents or missing parts yet on the wings like later in the season.

When the sunlight illuminates the wings they remind me of stained glass windows.

I hope you had or are having a wonderful day!

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18 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from my Garden!”

  1. Gabriele Zilliken says:

    Happy Mother Day für dich liebes Schwesterherz, den einzigen gemeinsamen Muttertag haben wir im Mai 1990 in Santa Rosa zusammen gefeiert, ich denke gern daran zurück und freu mich deine wunderschönen Fotos zu sehen
    I Love you dein Schwesterherz

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  2. I’m a little behind here with Mother’s Day two days ago, but here’s to a belated Mother’s Day wish for you Sabine. These are beautiful butterflies and lilacs as well. You have captured the delicate essence of both the blooms and the butterflies. My lilacs are out as well, just in the last few days, but no sign of butterflies in this cold spell we’ve had. Tonight is the last freeze/frost advisory until Fall (if they are correct). Yay for that!

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    • Thank you Linda! I was surprised to see a swallowtail this early in the season. It seems like everything’s early this year! Hopefully you won’t have to deal with any frost or cold weather again until the fall! Time to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather! 🙂

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      • I saw a Cabbage White this morning and thought that was odd as I think I had said to you that no butterflies for a while. And it was cold this morning – go figure. We are now exiting this nine-day extra chilly spell where we never got above 60 degrees and had frost and freeze warnings for overnight/early a.m. for most of that period of time. The Swallowtails sure are beautiful, especially on the lilacs. My lilac bushes were planted soon after we moved here in 1966. They are in each corner of the yard – the darker one has not bloomed in awhile, just the lighter one. Recently I went to the Henry and Clara Ford Estate to visit their lilacs. They have 116 lilac bushes in their extensive gardens. I could smell the lilacs through my mask – Heavenly!

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      • Linda, you might give your non-blooming lilac a very heavy pruning after it would be done blooming. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get them back into flowering. Your lilac garden visit sounds wondrous! What a treat to be there when they’re in full bloom! 😊

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      • OK, will do that Sabine. Thank you for the suggestion. It’s supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so I should get out as the new growth is making things look raggedy, but years ago I pruned all the new growth early in May and it grew right back, doubling my work – now I wait until Memorial Day weekend … and if it rains, it starts looking like a jungle out there.

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      • Wait with the pruning until the lilacs in your neighborhood finished blooming. After that you let them grow and they’ll grow their flower buds for the next year. Otherwise they won’t bloom for you! Good lucky!

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      • OK, thanks for the tip Sabine. I thought its blooms had been compromised also because my neighbor had a wisteria vine that kept entwining itself into the lilac tree. I was constantly cutting the tendrils off the lilac – my neighbor finally cut it down. I suspect it will bloom better because of that and even better with your tip.

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