Happy Friday from my Garden!

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This Western Swallowtail has taken a liking to my Korean lilac bush.

It visits every day and always heads straight for these fragrant blossoms.

Just take a look at the proboscis covered in pollen!

I watched until it disappeared into the woods along with the last rays of the evening sun.

Have a great weekend and Happy Friday from Oregon!

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

14 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Garden!”

  1. Wow! You got some great shots, Sabine. My lilacs are in full bloom and so fragrant, but I don’t have the Swallowtails yet, it’s still a little cool. Beautiful! Happy Friday to you too.

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    • Thanks Missy! I lucked out in that this swallowtail stayed put on individual flowers and didn’t mind that I was standing close by. My lilacs are als most done with flowering now, but still fragrant. 🙋‍♀️

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  2. I saw a Swallowtail flitting around the Park today – it was such a gray morning, it seemed to stand out – no camera with me, as rain was expected by 11:00 a.m. and I got wet yesterday. You really were up-close to this butterfly as you can see the feathery underbelly. They sure do love your lilacs!

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    • It’s overcast and rainy here too today, so our swallowtails seem to be hiding. They do love the lilacs and I will shortly prune off the spent flowers to encourage the Korean lilac to bloom as second time this summer. I’m positive the sun will come out for you soon along with a chance to photograph some butterflies. You are lucky that you get monarchs!!

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      • I didn’t know that lilacs bloomed twice in one year! You are lucky to have that happen – it must be the species of lilac? I was lucky to get the monarchs Sabine – that was over at the park near my house (Memorial Park) and the contingent of volunteer teen gardeners planted orange Lantana there last year and I got the pics there of the monarchs and a swallowtail as well. I was over there this morning looking to see what they planted as they had their cleanup this past Saturday. No plants in that area … hope they do plant them. I went over also for the Field of Flags. I did the flags blog post last year for Memorial Day, but I could not remember if they had the tags with every deceased serviceman’s name on it. That is put on by the Exchange Club. So I went over this morning.

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      • Linda, I don’t know if most lilacs bloom twice, only that the Korean lilac I have does. It will do so after I cut of the first batch of faded blooms. It’s not as spectacular as the first flowering, but very respectable. My French lilac does not bloom again after I trim those flowers. Lantanas are great butterfly magnets!

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      • Sabine – I get such an education with your posts. I don’t even know what type of lilacs I have. My father planted them after we moved here in 1966. Mine are still blooming, but about done now. So when I’m outside this weekend trimming everything, I will do as you said and hope for a better lilac display next year. That was the first time I saw Lantana and they were gorgeous in orange with the Monarchs sitting on them.

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      • Lilacs are so beautiful that I don’t think it matters what kind is planted! I love lantana. When I lived in Greece it grew wild in many places. I have never had much luck with it in the garden, plus I avoid planting annuals. What color is your lilac?

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      • I see separately you have responded about my Little Miss Kim Lilac. But when I wrote this comment I didn’t know it was out. I have a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, which is not so small as I planted it in 1985. So from the side of the house, I don’t see the Little Miss Kim as it’s behind the cyprus. I will take a photo of it in case it never blooms again. My other two Lilac trees, one in each corner of the yard, are one dark and one light. I don’t know the particular name as they were planted around 1966-67 when my father planted the back garden shrubs. I have two firebushes that I can no longer trim – they must be 8-10 feet tall. I don’t like climbing ladders to prune them.

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  3. Sabine – I had to come over here before I go to Comments/Reader (I’m so exasperated as I’m behind there due to the week of work computer issues) … anyway, in 1985 I tore up the front, sides and back gardens. It took me all Summer to create the perimeter gardens and a lot of hard work. I planted a miniature lilac shrub called “Little Miss Kim” … in all these years, it has never bloomed once. Today I went in the yard to check the Poplar fuzz on the A/C grille and saw this lilac shrub in bloom. I Googled and it is a Korean lilac that blooms later than most lilacs. The rest of the lilacs were gone, but my clematis was out too. Thought I’d share the news.

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    • Little Miss Kim is what I have too, Linda! I planted it almost 15 years ago from a one gallon container. It’s a slow grower but every spring it’s covered with blossoms! I’m glad yours is flowering. When it is finished trim it and hopefully you’ll get a second bloom. 😊

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      • Mine was just in a gallon container also Sabine. And I put it near the other light-colored and since it had been so long, I thought it was a dud! I will prune it back as you suggest and hopefully it comes back in good shape again next year!

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