Hummingbird Magic!

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A little cleaning, a little preening,
there really are moments when these very active birds sit still.

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10 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic!”

  1. I hope that hummingbird is careful preening with that long beak! I saw Hope and a friend on Monday when I was working outside … Sunday I looked for her, not around. Monday I had the polecutter leaning up near the fence and it has a red seven-foot handle and she just zipped on over. She may have seen the handle and came to investigate. 🙂

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    • I am positive these birds know how to be careful with their long beaks, Linda! Nice that your hummer has returned and even brought a friend. The red handle could have “looked” a bit like a flower to her. I’ve had bags of potting soil in the yard where the hummers flew over to investigate as there were some flowers on the bags. I found that interesting.

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      • That is interesting that they fly over to investigate the flowers on the potting soil bag. It dawned on me after I kept seeing them buzzing around, yet hadn’t seen them the day before, but I was out front mostly the first day. Two of them is nice; hope that they both continue to show up.

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  2. Scrolling thru to see how far I am behind, (May 27th), but want to ask you if you have ever had a trumpet vine in your garden Sabine? My neighbor has one that grows over the fence – he usually cuts it down and told me to cut down what grows on my side. I have the hummingbird feeders there and they were getting ants in them last year so I cut it – thinking that it is a flower (tubular) that hummingbirds love, so I’d leave it this year and see if it attracts them. It blooms in July according to the info online.

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    • If the trumpet vine doesn’t grow on the house I’d let it grow. My neighbor had one for many years, but the new owners took it out a few years back. The vine was against the house and had started growing under the roof and around the gutters. You can prune it vigorously and it will grow right back, but best of all the hummers love it! Plus it will look nicer than just a plain old fence! 😉

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      • OK thanks for your advice Sabine. Maybe I’ll catch more hummers than with my nectar in the feeders. There is a trumpet vine at Memorial Park (two blocks away near where they planted the Lantana last year which drew the butterflies). It is huge, but I didn’t remember seeing any there, but I’m not there that often. That trumpet vine at the park grows like a weed and no one maintains it. It has latched onto their house in some spots – mine is too far away for it to do that. That is good to know – thanks for your insight Sabine! I will let it go/grow then.

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      • I look forward to hearing how the trumpet vine works out for you and the hummers. One of our neighbors has a beautiful honeysuckle growing over the fence. I enjoy seeing it and all I have to do for “maintenance” is chop it off when it gets invasive and it’ll grow right back! 😉

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      • I watered this morning when I got back from walking and took a look at it – they say it takes 5-7 years to flower. Since my neighbor Marge’s death in August 2017, her son who lives there, has not taken an interest in the plant and just told me to go ahead and do what I wanted with it. It is growing wildlike and if I’m going to leave it, then I have to move around my rocking chair and basket of flowers as it will soon be drooping into it. And move the hummer feeders too. I was trying to think how to configure it and wish I’d done that when I set everything out. That would be a draw for the hummers as the backyard roses and hydrangeas don’t draw them.

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