Happy Friday from my Plum Tree!

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The year after planting this plum tree we got a bumper crop of fruit!
But ever since, when the tree awakens in the spring
there are lots of blossoms, but no fruit.

Nontheless, I love this tree!
It provides nectar for hummers and mason bees in early spring
and a year round perch for singing and resting.

The tree did suffer damage from the Valentine’s Day Ice storm,
but our arborist did a fantastic job of reshaping it.

Even the starling is jumping for joy in the flowering plum tree!
Happy Friday and have a fantabulous weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Happy Friday from my Plum Tree!”

  1. ZD McGee says:

    What incredibly lovely images of the most wondrous season! Just invitingly gorgeous. Your photos make me want to jump into them. πŸ™

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  2. Not only is the plum tree in blossom beautiful, but I like how you have captured the birds, including the silhouettes, near the tree. Very nice Sabine. I didn’t know a hummer would poke its beak into such a small bud/blossom.

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    • Thanks Linda! I love this tree and would love it even more if we once again got some plums. All the birds like to perch in it and check out the yard before visiting the feeders. The hummers stick their beaks into even tinier flowers!

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      • The neighbor two doors down had a peach and plum tree and used to invite us to take what we wanted as they had plenty. So we used to have plenty of peach pie and plum kuchen when they began to yield fruit.

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      • We only had two harvests in all the years it’s been growing. The arborist said our climate here doesn’t produce reliable stone fruit crops. That’s why the apricot tree did the same thing. I also have an apple tree that’s growing horizontally. It kept leaning over and wouldn’t stay upright. Now I just let it be and we get tons of apples every year. Go figure!

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      • Is it because you get a lot of rain there? That’s interesting about the apple tree – it’s kind of doing its own thing and keeps producing away.

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      • Next time I’m at the nursery I’ll ask! I think it has to do with stone fruit needing a certain number of hours below a specific temperature., but the rain could have something to do with it as well. I’ll let you know when I find out, Linda!

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