Check it out! Caution … Rocky Road Ahead!

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Yes, this was a real encounter!

A few years back, on a short visit to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State I spotted this “Slow down” sign along a winding country road in the town of Sequim (pronounced Skwim). I sped up a little as I was driving past this place since I didn’t know whether this was a joke or for real. On the way back I noticed a man puttering around his front yard, so I decided to stop for a quick chat. Yes, he said, it’s real! His son loves to throw rocks over the fence! Then he invited me to come around the gate and check out the pile of rocks. I did just that, took a few pictures and then went on my merry way.


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15 thoughts on “Check it out! Caution … Rocky Road Ahead!”

  1. Some things just make you smile and chuckle to yourself. This is one of them 😀 Take care during this heat wave, Sabine!

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  2. christine says:

    This is funny, and kinda looks like my yard. People are funny. If people slow down he would be more at risk for a law suite? Or is it a disclaimer? I think we need a lawyer? Or an insurance claims person? Or a philosopher?!

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    • Funny – Yes! I don’t know why the sign was there but perhaps to alert people to flying rocks. That way if one gets hit they can say one was warned. But I do have to say that the guy was really nice!


  3. How odd!!! I’ve been thinking of you, Sabine, while reading all the reports of Portland’s unusually hot days. Are you ok? I remember you had a unusually icy winter, too. Take care of yourself.

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    • Hey LuAnne, yes we are fine! Thanks for asking! Our house has air conditioning so it was okay as long as we stayed inside. The garden however suffered and most of my flowers just shriveled up despite getting watered really well. It’s been quite a year weather wise so far! Next is packing “to-go-bags” in case of wild fires. Last year was a wake up call where the fire was too close for comfort. Hopefully you weren’t affected by the crazy rain and flooding in Michigan! Stay safe! 🙋‍♀️

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      • No, we were actually out of town helping my mother-in-law recover from surgery and didn’t even hear about it for a couple of days. Many of my friends had flooded basements and our church flooded, too. But I guess our sump pump did its thing and we came home to a dry basement.

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      • Lucky you for having a sump pump! I can’t imagine having to clean up after flooding. I hope your trip is going well and that your MIL recovers well!


  4. Well that gave you a chuckle. I guess the father asking/telling the child to stop didn’t work? That’s quite a pile of rocks! Stay cool and safe in your extreme heat.

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