Up Close & Personal … Hairy Woodpecker Fledglings

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Last summer we had a large number of woodpecker parents bringing their fledglings to our suet feeders. This year not so much! I suspect that it has probably been too hot for the birds too around here. It certainly has been way too hot for us humans in the Pacific Northwest!

These Hairy Woodpeckers visited our garden many times every day.
Landing took practice, as did figuring out what to do at the feeder.

Bird parents,
like all parents take their duties very seriously!

They were so much fun to watch.


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14 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … Hairy Woodpecker Fledglings”

  1. That “tail prop board” looks like it has seen lots of activity. I like these Hairy Woodpeckers. They look similar to our Downies, only bigger. I like how the adult was feeding the young (just til Junior gets the hang of how to feast at the feeder).

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    • Yes, the suet feeders see a lot of action! Hairy and downies are almost identical, except for the size and the outer tail feathers don’t have spots on the hairy woodpeckers. Also you can tell them apart but the length of their beaks. The downy has a very short and stubby one, the hairy’s is much longer and more slender. I am sure you get both of them too in Michigan!


      • On the local Audubon site I see photos of Hairies and I see Downies at Coucil Point Park and Elizabeth. They are not as destructive as Rex, the Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

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      • I love all of the woodpeckers! During the spring some of them hammer our shake roof. It reverberates all over the house. The red-bellied woodpecker is one we don’t have. They too are beautiful!

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      • They are persistent aren’t they? I have seen woodpeckers on a utility pole while walking in the neighborhood. I know they weren’t finding any bugs or grubs there.

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