Up Close & Personal … The Golden-crowned Sparrow

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Last week I spotted a rare visitor to my garden!

Golden-crowned sparrows spend winters along the Pacific coast.

By mid-May they migrate to Western Canada and Alaska where they nest.

They feed on seeds and insects below feeders and in underbrush.

Moments later a second sparrow arrived!

This little guy was sporting a mohawk!

Their golden crowns are especially bright during mating season.

They foraged around the garden for several days.
Then they were gone.
Safe travels, Golden-crowned Sparrows!

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11 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal … The Golden-crowned Sparrow”

  1. They look very snazzy with that golden stripe Sabine. You got good close-ups of them. Sorry they took off already, but this is Migration week across the U.S. – I hope you get to see them on their return flight.

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