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for all the Mother’s in this World 

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!

As a new mom we often feel lost and always tired.

 Back then “Google” and “Alexa” did not come to the rescue.

It was mostly on-the job training.

Which mom didn’t long for extra helping hands?

Raising children gave new meaning to …

“Flying by the seat of your pants”

and “Holding on for dear life”.

Especially when cabin fever hits! 😉

We all want to raise kind, loving and accepting children.

We want our children to be able to explore their world.


One’s place of birth,
 skin color and societal standing
doesn’t reflect what’s on the inside!

Too many of us get caught up in the web of political deceit.

Reality and truth can be hidden and ignored.
But not forever!

Children should never go hungry .
Or be afraid. Of anyone.

They should dream of rainbows and unicorns.
Not the atrocities of war and hunger.

Moms need positive support all around the world.

Looking in from the outside, giving non-helpful advice
does not make the world a better place.

In an ideal world every child is a wanted child!

Here in the United States, a woman’s right to control her own body is on the line.
The so-called “pro life party” is in need of some serious soul searching.
Their grotesque failure to support working families with
paid maternity care and family leave and
safe and affordable childcare,
speaks for itself.

Reflect on this when you fill out your election ballot.

Help make the world a better place, so that there is
hope, happiness and a pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow
for everyone.
Sharing is Caring.

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My passions in life are vegetarian cooking, gardening, photography, writing, good books, traveling and nature. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine

19 thoughts on “Zunday Zen … Love, Peace and Support …”

      • I have something fun for dads and looking forward to putting together what is bubbling around in my brain. I’m thankful I have enough pictures to last through mid-June and not run out. I’ve taken a lot of photos the last two weeks as Spring finally arrived for upcoming posts. I like when you get an idea and can just run with it for something unique like this post was for you.

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      • Unfortunately, it doesn’t look much better over here. — I’m working a typical mum job. Come retirement, it’s gonna bite me in the bottom …

        Liked by 1 person

      • Typical mom job meaning stay-at-home mom? I stayed home with our kids and the retirement benefits for me are very meager. If I were single or we hadn’t been frugal all these years I’d have to live in a tent! But as you know, governments always have money for weapons of mass destruction and tax cuts for the wealthy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s so sad, isn’t it? I am freelancing; which means you get in your working hours when you can and pay health insurance and taxes on top of that. As a student, you get a lot more benefits … Didn’t marry a dentist. Oh … life … They can save Volkswagen everytime they mess up and I have to send the tax people a copy of every single reciept I try to write off. Hey, if I had money in the first place, my tax person would work wonders for me. Something is not just with this system.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sadly this is how it is everywhere these days for us regular folks. I guess all we can do is continue on and try to make the world a better and fairer place for the next generation!

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