Happy Belated Friday from my Garden!

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These photographs were taken April 11 during Portland’s late and unusual snowfall.

Most of my plants are very cold-hardy and have survived major ice storms.
This late cold snap did damage a few plants, but they should recover with time.

My little friend looked cold!

This Mexican Mock Orange sustained some cold damage.
I have since pruned it back so it should be fine.

My Tuscan rosemary is loved by hummers and my neighbor Judy.
I am going to start some plants for her and for my backyard.
It spreads widely and blooms much of the year.

Snow flakes, rain drops, hungry birds and a tiny spider seeking shelter under this tulip.

I love these “Würstle”!
Würstle is the German word for little sausages which is what they remind me of.

Everyone was confused! Even the chickadee!

By the afternoon all the snow had melted.

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20 thoughts on “Happy Belated Friday from my Garden!”

  1. We have had very crazy weather this year. It’s pretty seeing the blossoms in the snow. Have a great weekend, Sabine.

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  2. My favorite photo is of the spider taking shelter under the tulip. I would never have noticed. In fact, I had to look hard at your photo to find the spider, and then OH! there it is!

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  3. The poor birds – the hummer looked woeful and I’m sure was thinking we had this mess plus ice last year. The snow looks so lovely too – almost magical!

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    • Linda, I am positive that I’d feel different about snow if we had to deal with your weather. This winter was easy! Now spring is raining on us, but since we’re in a drought it’s a good thing. A little more sunshine would be nice nonetheless.

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      • We have had nice weather the last 9-10 days – what a great run, but this weekend will be stormy both afternoons. I will be going to Council Point Park and not big parks as my car is now in the shop until Tuesday. Grrr. But I would not have strayed far this weekend with bad weather on the way, especially Sunday which will be gusty winds and hail along with an inch of rain. I know how you feel about the rain as we had that for the entire month of April … the weather has been nothing special here or across the U.S. but I’m grateful it has not been severe.

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      • I’m crossing my fingers for your car to get done quickly! While I am a bit tired about the rain all the time, I am also appreciative that the rain has turned everything beautifully green!

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      • We have some ugly weather this weekend, so I would have stayed close to home anyway, but still …. Sunday does not sound nice at all, with heat comes volatile weather, but it will break this heat wave thankfully. It’s too soon to be this hot. Green is good!

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      • Rain again for you! We never got the rain yesterday and this severe weather is still “on” for tonight/overnight. It is way too hot already – this afternoon it was in the 80s and a real feel of 91. Crazy. It is cool a couple of days – next weekend in the 90s and you can bet I won’t be walking around much in that … out early and home early. We have not had rain for two weeks, so all the shoreline trails would have been dry – with an inch of rain to fall tonight and rain several days this week, trails will be soggy and mosquitoes aplenty. It’s hard to be enthused about this new normal for weather – I hope it is not a volatile Summer like last year when we had 20+ severe weather days.

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      • Me too – I may start implementing a middle-of-the-week regimen again if weekends are crummy. I’m trying to catch up here before the storm rolls in as I always shut my computer off and pull the plug. I wrote this week’s posts last weekend, so figured I will try valiantly to catch up in Reader … I am still five days behind.

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