Meditation in Moments … Operation Puppy Love

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Well … we just couldn’t help ourselves and adopted a new puppy.
There were nine – yes – nine!
It was tempting to bring home two
but sanity prevailed and we picked our favorite of the bunch.

Meet Mocha!

Chasing a ball!

Attacking ice cubes!

Checking out a strawberry.

It’s like having a baby.
Sleepless nights,
constant supervision,
lots of fun watching her antics
lots of nipping and napping.


Falling off the deck is easier than getting climbing back up onto it.

Meeting Dingo’s Dad for the first time.

Chilling in the yard
and finally …

.bedtime with her Kuscheltier!

It’s been quite busy trying to keep Mocha on task with house breaking and learning to be part of our family. The Zendog and I haven’t gotten much sleep all week. The house is a mess, our arms and ankles have been thoroughly nipped, I haven’t watched or read any news and I haven’t done any reading in my reader. Things are getting a bit easier every day and I hope to get caught up in the blogosphere this weekend. Despite all the chaos our hearts are happy! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Meditation in Moments … Operation Puppy Love”

  1. I’m very behind in Reader too, but scrolling down saw your post and now I know how you and the newest member of your family are. Mocha is adorable – sweet name and I was about to ask you what breed and saw in your tag you told us. What a cutie pie who will likely usurp the butterflies and hummingbirds in your blog photos. Enjoy! 🙂 (P.S. – hard to resist getting two – how did you do it?)

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    • We resisted getting two puppies because we did it once before! Those puppies were a lot of fun together, but it was much more difficult to train them. I still watch the birds and butterflies and once things settle down I’ll bring my camera outside again. Getting lots of hummers and even the bunnies still visit. They do run when Mocha heads their way. I think you had a dog when you were a kid, right?

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      • I didn’t realize you had two puppies at the same time before – wow! Things will settle down a little and you will have Mocha there at your side, less rambunctious and more like your grandogter. 🙂 I did have dogs as a child, three different dogs, not at the same time. One had hip dysplasia and had to be put down, the poodle ran away and came home after eating rat poison and was put down – we had a few dogs in the neighborhood and someone put out hamburger with poison in it and Peppy ate it. The cocker spaniel could not be trained and my mother lost patience with it and said it had to go. We’d walk it and it came in and piddled on the carpet … every single time.

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      • Just like us humans, no two puppies are alike! It’s easier to train and housebreak a puppy when there aren’t any young children in the house. I love the playfulness but am also looking forward to being able to go on outings with her once she’s got all her shots. Luckily Mocha is a smart pup and learns quickly what she can and can’t do.

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      • Summer is a good time to train a puppy. My parents were not successful with our dogs, yet my aunt had two dogs that I recall and both were trained within days of getting each of them.

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      • Some dogs learn quickly, others take a little longer. All our dogs learned quickly what they needed to do outside, but accidents still happen. It’s a lot like potty-training a young child.

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      • I think my aunt worked some magic with her puppies – we (my parents as I was too young) did not work such magic. We were better with parakeets.

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      • Yes you do – hummingbirds included. I only saw Hope one time. We had parakeets through the years and got our first canary in 2006 when we took care of my neighbor’s canary while she was visiting her mother in Arizona for a month, then another one in 2010 after Sugar passed away near Christmas. Birds are fun to have and so intelligent!


    • Hi LuAnne, yes a fun but for the moment time-consuming addition to our family. She’s starting to sleep through the night and we humans are starting to feel a little less tired all the time.


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