Magical Bali … Strolling through the Rice Fields

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The lush, green rice paddies around Ubud were a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of this town. A dirt path lined with coconut palms and banana trees wound through the endless fields. The only audible sounds were those of songbirds, and the occasional scooter zipping past.
We chose not to visit the famous terraced rice paddies farther away. Instead, we took a leisurely stroll through the rice fields surrounding Ubud. And this is how we discovered one of the most charming family restaurants ever!! Had we instead gone to see terraced rice paddies, we would most likely not have found the Savannah Blue Moon Cafe, and with it, some of our most treasured moments on Bali!

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Balinese Galungan!

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7 thoughts on “Magical Bali … Strolling through the Rice Fields”

  1. Misty Hopkins says:

    That is awesome. I was thinking Dan and I should have gone to some rice patties when we went to vietnam.

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