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Magical Bali … Galungan

During our Bali trip, we spent a few days in Ubud. Imagine our delight, when we discovered that our visit coincided with the Hindu holiday Galungan. This is one of the most important Balinese religious holidays, as it commemorates the victory of good over evil. Everywhere we went, […]


A Room with a View

On our Bali trip last spring, we realized upon arriving,  that the room we had booked ahead in Ubud, was not quite what we had envisioned. The location was perfect, the price was right ( $10.00 per night including breakfast for 2! ), and the host […]


Tag! You’re it!

We all want to connect: with nature, other human beings, animals, ourselves, the universe, the past, present and future. The way connections are made has changed a great deal over the last decade or so. We used to pick up the phone (probably a landline), […]


One Moment of Bliss

Breathe in slowly, clear your mind and close your eyes. Listen to the wind rustling through the trees, imagine a dragonfly hovering by the pond. Feel the sun warming your body. One blissful moment in life. To treasure forever.


Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

Last May, we traveled to Bali! It had been on our destination list for such a looooong time! During our two weeks on the island, we visited temples, a coffee farm, the Bali Bird Park, Kintamani, walked through the rice fields around Ubud, attended several traditional […]

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