Reykjavik’s Heart Park

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Iceland is a fascinating place to visit! Volcanoes, natural geysers, crystal clear rivers and streams, the Blue Lagoon, Aurora Borealis, fermented shark, Brennivin aka Black Death, great coffee and waffles, and of course the Heart Park.

Strolling through this colorful, popular square filled with enormous murals is no longer possible! 😦

According to the Reykjavik Grapevine, the city has been cracking down on eliminating street art and graffiti for a number of years. They closed down the Heart Park!!

That’s really too bad, because it was a unique spot in the world!

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14 thoughts on “Reykjavik’s Heart Park”

  1. Guess they want to dish up some more boring buildings. I love the beautiful wall art. Not so much for territorial graffiti. Wall art adds interest to otherwise bland buildings.

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    • I don’t know the “official” reason for the closing of this park, but next time I visit I will ask some of the locals! I do however believe, that the Icelandic people are some of the friendliest, most open-minded and tolerant human beings I’ve ever encountered!
      But I do wish they hadn’t closed it! 😒

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  2. Hey Sabine, have you seen the street art up on NE Alberta? There are some similar type of murals. Sorry that this one has gone by the wayside…

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  3. I love the first image, but the gallery doesn’t open for me, don’t know if it’s your or my end that needs fixing. (I have a few on my blog and they work there…) It’s terrible news. 😦 I hate it when they make a decision like this.

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