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The Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland: Volcanoes, spurting geysers, crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, the Blue Lagoon, Aurora Borealis, Sigur Ros, Aisgeir, the Perlan, the Harpa, Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik Open Icelandic Chess Tournament, “Black Death” liquor, fermented shark, great mochas and waffles, puffins, whales, 12 Tonar record store, and some […]


Zunday Zen … An Afternoon in the Park

Established around 1730 in Toulouse a botanical garden for practical use overflowing with trees and flowers profuse old-fashioned organ grinder to amuse relax under shade trees for a snooze bring a picnic and enjoy the views. All you have to do is pick and choose […]


Reykjavik’s Heart Park

Iceland is a fascinating place to visit! Volcanoes, natural geysers, crystal clear rivers and streams, the Blue Lagoon, Aurora Borealis, fermented shark, Brennivin aka Black Death, great coffee and waffles, and of course the Heart Park. Strolling through this colorful, popular square filled with enormous […]


Culinary Adventures Abroad … Dutch Poffertjes

One of my favorite things to explore while traveling is, the food of the places we visit. Amsterdam offers all kinds of adventures for just about everyone, including fantastic cuisines from around the globe! We’ve had many fine meals in this town over the years. At least once every visit, we […]


Getting around … in Amsterdam

The people of Amsterdam never cease to amaze me! From the safety of a sidewalk cafe or a bench in Vondelpark, watching the world of traffic go by is entertaining. Bicycles, horse-drawn carts, buses, streetcars, motorcycles, automobiles, boats and of course pedestrians move at a dizzying […]


Frolicking in Vondelpark

Amsterdam is a fabulous city! There is no shortage of things to do: incredible museums, canal cruises, coffee shops, the flower market, historical sights and gorgeous architecture. Amsterdam also is home to some of the best international cuisine anywhere in the world. Then there are the […]


Tasty Tuesday … Homemade German Spaetzle

Growing up in Germany, we ate homemade Spätzle fairly regularly. The side dishes served with these tastily little morsels depend  on the region you live in. We generally ate brown lentils perked up with a splash of vinegar and Wiener Würstchen along with the Spätzle. First we […]


A Murder of Crows and Mad King Ludwig …

Mad King Ludwig’s castle shrouded in mist the sky ominous, gloomy the sun invisible heavy grey clouds hug the mountains raindrops pelt this fairytale castle. The secrets, the questions, the rumors, the mysterious death, the demise, of King Ludwig intriguing to this day. Did he really and truly descend […]


A Music Lovers Nirvana … The MIM

During a visit to Brussels, we skipped the art museums and instead visited the MIM, also known as the Musical Instruments Museum. It’s situated up on a hill, within easy walking distance of the Grand Place. The exhibits include over 1200 musical instruments from around […]