Happy Friday from my Garden!

The changing of seasons always reminds me that nothing in life is static. I’ve been spending a lot of time outside trying to soak in every last ray of sunshine. The daytime temperatures have cooled off, the nights are getting nippy, and we turned on […]


Happy Friday!

The last two mornings had a definite chill in the air. Fall is arriving! There’s even rain in the forecast. Much of my garden looks heat stressed, despite watering. This summer’s been extremely hot and dry for this area. Rain will be good, especially for […]


Zunday Zen … A Summer Evening at Home

  Don’t mind me! I’m the sipping, dipping, chirping adorable chickadee.   Last night, I noticed this tiny chickadee sitting on the edge of the birdbath. I grabbed my phone, set the camera and slooooowly walked towards it. The chickadee did not appear to be […]


Happy Friday from my Garden!

It’s late Friday afternoon here in Portland. The weather has been sunny and warm with a gentle breeze blowing at times. While strolling through the garden a few minutes ago, I spotted this busy bee collecting pollen in these Rose of Sharon blossoms.   Bees, […]


Tasty Tuesday … Curried Mango Gazpacho

So far, we’ve had some record breaking temperatures here this summer! It’s been hotter than heck, and I actually can’t recall the last time it rained around here! Thankfully our house has air-conditioning. I must confess though that I love sitting outside and bake in […]


Happy Friday!

Poppies have always been a favorite flower of mine! Imagine my excitement when I noticed this bright patch of poppies growing in a field alongside the road in Jacksonville, Oregon. Lucky for me, there was also a spot where I could safely pull over and […]


Zunday Zen … The Cosmic Vista Point

Great conversation, food, wine. Gathering at the … cosmic vista point …. We recently visited a friend of ours who has one of the most beautiful woodland type gardens. The rhododendrons were spectacular, the California lilacs and woodland wildflowers in full bloom and don’t even […]


Happy Friday from my Garden!

During the past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden: weeding, planting, pruning, spreading new mulch and of course sitting on the deck in the evening. The rainy winter can be forgiven and forgotten since we have been rewarded with […]